Nawada Vidhi Mahavidyalaya, Nawada (Bihar)

NAWADA-805123 (Bihar )

Conducted Under Society Registration Act 21 of 1860 and 1089/2024



  1. The academic session stars from June every year (as per M.U. rules). Students having graduation degree in any discipline may apply for admission in LL.B. 3-years Courses. Students having passed Inter or + 2 exam may seek admission in 1st year of LL.B. 5- year Course. 
  2. Application for admission has to be submitted on the prescribed form obtainable from the Office of the Mahavidyalaya on payment of Rs. 100/- in cash and on Rs. 130/- by post through Bank draft only.
  3. Schedule caste, Schedule Tribe, Annexure I Backward and extremely poor candidates will enjoy the facilities in admission as prescribed under Government Rules and Regulations.
  4. Application for admission in LL.B. (3-year/5-year) must accompany the following documents.

    a. Attested photocopy of College Leaving Certificate / School Leaving Certificate (as the case may be).(Original document is to be submitted at     the time of admission.)

    b. There copies of recent passport size photograph.

    c. Attested photocopy of Matriculation Certificate or School Leaving Certificate showing the date of birth.

    d. Attested photocopy of + 2 or Inter marks sheet or graduation marks sheet as applicable.

    e. Character Certificate from Head of the Institution last attended or any class I officer, if any.

    f. Photocopy of Admit Card of previous examination.

    g. Migration Certificate in case of candidate coming from other University.

    Admission cannot be claimed as a matter of right; it may be refused or cancelled if any of the required documents (original) are not produced at the time of admission or it is found to be false at any time after admission, or the admission is considered as detrimental to the interests of the Mahavidyalaya and University.


  5. Employees of any other institution or department (either private or Government) seeking admission will have to submit written No-objection Certificate from the competent authority of their institution or department at the time of admission.
  6. Admission on LL.B. Part I of both 3- year and 5- year Course will close on 31st July of the year and all applications must reach the Office of the Mahavidyalaya by June 30 or as notified by the Mahavidyalaya.
  7. Admission in LL.B. Part II or III year of LL.B. 3 – year Course may be taken even before the publication of the results of LL.B. I or II year examination, respectively or as notified by the Mahavidyalaya as per provision in M.U. Bodh- Gaya .


Every student of the Mahavidyalaya must possess an Identity Card having passport size photograph with full signature of the student and the signature of Principal / Proctor or the Person authorized by the Principal.


  1. Classes will be held in day time as per routine of the Mahavidyalaya.
  2. The office, however, remains open from 10.30 A.M. to 4.30 P.M.
  3. Notice intended for the students are put up on the Notice Board. A plea of ignorance of any notice will not be accepted as an excuse for failure to comply with it. Students are advised to see Notice Board regularly on all working days of the Mahavidyalaya.
  4. Students are expected to maintain perfect discipline in the class rooms and also the premises of Mahavidalaya.
  5. No student shall leave the class room except on urgent business and with the permission of the teacher. Those going out without permission and not returning to class room are liable to be marked absent.
  6. Loitering about or congregating in corridors and verandas during class hours or otherwise causing disturbance is forbidden and students found in doing so are liable for disciplinary action.
  7. Students are advised to attend the classes regularly as it is necessary to have 75% / 66% of attendance of classes held in the mahavidyalaya in each subject and also in aggregate. In case some one fails to do so he will be deprived to fill up the final University Examination Form.



Tuition fee and other charges of the Mahavidyalaya and also of the University will be collected at the Office Counters of the Mahavidyalaya on prescribed dates as notified. The following tables shows the fees structure of the Mahavidyalaya and fees are to be paid at the time of admission in each year of LL.B. I, II, III, IV & V year of the LL.B. 5- year Course and LL.B. I, II and III year of LL.B. of 3 year Course. ( as applicable in the current session). The Mahavidyalaya reserves its right to make necessary changes in the fee – structure of any year.

Lt. Anish Pankaj

M.A (History), (Pol.Sc.), LL.M

Important Notice

नवादा विधि महाविद्यालय कैंपस 2 में 18 मार्च एवं 19 मार्च 2024 को शिक्षक प्रतिनिधि कर्मचारी संघ एवं छात्र संघ का चुनाव आयोजित की जाएगी इसकी जानकारी नवादा विधि महाविद्यालय के प्रिंसिपल डॉ डी एन मिश्रा ने बताया वही इस चुनाव को लेकर कालेज कर्मियों एवं छात्र तथा शिक्षक प्रतिनिधियों में भी उत्साह देखा जा रहा है कॉलेज की चौमुखी विकास को लेकर चुनाव क रा ने का यह निर्णय लिया गया है इसके लिए तिथि भी निर्धारित कर दी गई है 18 मार्च को शिक्षक प्रतिनिधि एवं कर्मचारी संघ का चुनाव होगा तथा छात्र संघ का चुनाव 19 मार्च को होगा इसके लिए पूरी तैयारी कर ली गई है छात्र संघ के चुनाव में पर्यवेक्षक के रूप में प्रोफेसर श्याम किशोर सर प्रोफेसर सिराज अय्यर राकेश रंजन मिश्रा वेद व्यास पांडे इनके देखरेख में चुनाव कर जाएगा वही शिक्षक प्रतिनिधि के चुनाव के पर्यवेक्षक डॉ डीएन मिश्रा एवं शासकीय निकाय के सदस्य रहेंगे वही डॉ डीएन मिश्रा ने बताया कि शांतिपूर्ण एवं निष्पक्षता के साथ चुनाव कराया जाएगा इस चुनाव को लेकर पुख्ता व्यवस्था कर ली गई है

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