Nawada Vidhi Mahavidyalaya, Nawada (Bihar)

NAWADA-805123 (Bihar )

Conducted Under Society Registration Act 21 of 1860 and 1089/2024

About Us

The District of Nawada in Bihar is surrounded by many historical, geographical and religious places such as many other historical mountains. This Vidhi Mahavidyalaya was established in the year of 1988 in the district headauarters of Nawada for imparting high standard Law Education to uplift academic standard of entire Magadh Region. Nawada Vidhi Mahavidyalaya is well equipped for the teaching of law course of LL. B. standard of Magadh University, BodhGaya as perrules of Bar C. New orindia. iNtwe matter of pride that this olege is permanent affiliated by Govt. of Bihar, toM. U., Bodhgaya, Bar Councilof India, New Delhi has also given continued recognition.

This college came into existance by the active enthusiasm of the present Principal of this College and former
Dean (M.U) Dr. D.N. Mishra M.Com. M.A. (Eco.), LIM (utka) Ph.D,, MA. (Eng.) LI.D. C.C. Singh, Univ. Meerut. The institute owes to the sponteneous and sincere co-operations of the personalities like Prem Chand Ram (M.P.), Late Si Krishna Pd. (M.L. A.), Sri S.N. Sharma (Ex-Principal) G.I .S., Nawada, Sri B.N. Singh (D.J.), Sri Faiz Akram (I. A.S.), Sr P.K. Dixit (P.P.), Dr. Y.K. Mishra (Prof. & Head, Deptt. of A.l. & A.S.) and Sri A.K. Suraj including the blessings of Sri S.N.P. Sinha, Senior Advocates, Patna High Court and former Chairman of Bar Council of India, New Delhi as well as Late Ramchandar Jha, Ex- Member of B.C.I. The college is also grateful to the present Chairman Mr. Manan Kumar Mishra, B.C.I., New Delhi & Mr. Baleshwar Sharma, Former Chairman State Bar Council, Patna, Bihar, Mr. Prem Kumar Jha, Member State Bar council, Patna, Bihar, Dr. Vinay Kumar Singh Dean Commerce Dept. in Magadh University had been the Caretaker of this college. Hon’ble M.P. of Nawada and Union Minister Mr. Giriraj Singh has always kept gracious supportive hand upon this Institute, Sri Sheobachan Singh Ex-Distt. and Sessions Judge, Nawada in whose presence Sri Janardan Prasad, Senior Advocate of Nawada delivered first lecture to LL. B. students.

This college runs both 3 years and 5 years course of LL.B. in its two own buildings in two campuses at Village-Kendua & at Sonekhara village duly recognised by the Bar Council of India, New Delhi. This college is the only institution in the State of Bihar for running LL.B. 5 years course as per directives of B.C.I., New Delhi. It’s an immense pleasure to let you know that B.C.I, New Delhi has permitted to introduce B.B.A, LL.B (5yrs) Integrated course from 2017-18 session and 3yrs LL.B (Hos) course for session 2019-20 as the institute has infrastructure in sufficient.

The college has sufficient numbers of full time teachers who are imparting regular law teaching. College has the strong care for para-legal activities, physical cultural extra curricular activities in its own campus for its members. The faculty members of Nawada Vidhi Mahavidyalaya are well experienced, qualified and trained as well as devoted to impart legal education of high standard. There are many teachers having LL.M., Ph.D. degree. The teachers and non-teaching staff are totally devoted to the betterment of the college. The academics ambience, erudite instructions and students in deference to seniors are instrumental in making this institution lively and the legal education pleasurable and meaningful. The college authority is watchful to the conduct of teaching and non-teaching staff.

The college authority has purchased its own free hold Raiyati Lands 1 Acre 35 decimals to provide academic
2nd buildings nearby 1½ K.M. from historical temple of Lord She named by Shobh Mandir on Nawada-Gaya road which has already been constructed and classes are going on. To keep this college upgraded as per norms and rules of B.C.I., New Delhi provides big Library, indoor and Out-door sports facilities, to provide separate class rooms for general class for each section to accommodates sixty students, rooms for tutorial work, moot court room, computer, internet, construction of building has been started in view of accommodations required under Bar Coucil India Rules including independent Library adequately equipped with Law reports, reading space, teachers’ common room, office of Principal and Staff, common room for male and female students, 34 class rooms for exclusive use during the working hours of the college.

Classes are held in a healthy environment whole time Principal. The college is determined to promote excellence in education and join the pursuit of knowledge that promotes such excellence. It has well developed and equipped with Computer Labs, Library, Reading Room, Moot Court Room and other e-library, C.C.T.V. wi-fi-connectivity available. Raging free environment is ensure for better academicia.

We offer you all the necessary facilities for upskilling yourselves both professionally and humanly like quality education, teaching learning facilities, better interaction with strict discipline.

Lt. Anish Pankaj

M.A (History), (Pol.Sc.), LL.M

Important Notice

नवादा विधि महाविद्यालय कैंपस 2 में 18 मार्च एवं 19 मार्च 2024 को शिक्षक प्रतिनिधि कर्मचारी संघ एवं छात्र संघ का चुनाव आयोजित की जाएगी इसकी जानकारी नवादा विधि महाविद्यालय के प्रिंसिपल डॉ डी एन मिश्रा ने बताया वही इस चुनाव को लेकर कालेज कर्मियों एवं छात्र तथा शिक्षक प्रतिनिधियों में भी उत्साह देखा जा रहा है कॉलेज की चौमुखी विकास को लेकर चुनाव क रा ने का यह निर्णय लिया गया है इसके लिए तिथि भी निर्धारित कर दी गई है 18 मार्च को शिक्षक प्रतिनिधि एवं कर्मचारी संघ का चुनाव होगा तथा छात्र संघ का चुनाव 19 मार्च को होगा इसके लिए पूरी तैयारी कर ली गई है छात्र संघ के चुनाव में पर्यवेक्षक के रूप में प्रोफेसर श्याम किशोर सर प्रोफेसर सिराज अय्यर राकेश रंजन मिश्रा वेद व्यास पांडे इनके देखरेख में चुनाव कर जाएगा वही शिक्षक प्रतिनिधि के चुनाव के पर्यवेक्षक डॉ डीएन मिश्रा एवं शासकीय निकाय के सदस्य रहेंगे वही डॉ डीएन मिश्रा ने बताया कि शांतिपूर्ण एवं निष्पक्षता के साथ चुनाव कराया जाएगा इस चुनाव को लेकर पुख्ता व्यवस्था कर ली गई है

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